Allergy vaccines – previously only by injection, now an oral vaccine is available!!

Allergy vaccines (also called allergen immunotherapy) WORK REALLY WELL – but you’ve got to have five things just right – the right disease the right allergy the right vaccine the right reason the right precautions Let’s talk about about these five things. The right disease means hay fever or nose/sinus conditions or asthma caused by […]

Asthma after exercise

The symptoms of asthma are cough, chest tightness, wheeze, and shortness of breath. We are all different, and our symptoms are different even if we have the same disease! So some people mainly get cough when they get asthma, and others wheezing, and so on. What is pretty common in everyone with asthma is the […]

Dust Mite

The dust mite is a tiny bug. It is a member or the spider and tick family. There are numerous types of mite, but the domestic dust mite which has been linked to allergy likes to live in beds and carpets. It won’t bite you, but it excretes very fine droppings which are HIGHLY ALLERGIC to […]


Grass and tree pollens are a major cause of allergy in Australia. About 30% of the population is allergic to these tiny packets of concentrated protein which are so light that they are carried by the wind. These pollens cause seasonal hay fever and seasonal asthma. Which season? Usually spring and early summer, but in […]