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Splitting Up Asthma. Genotypes, Phenotypes, and Endotypes. Whew!

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Severe Food Allergy And The Overseas School Trip

Travelling to Asian countries with a severe food allergy is a real challenge. Exotic soups, stir-fries, the use of shellfish stock, lack of labelling, reduced awareness of the importance of allergies, geographic remoteness…the challenge can become a nightmare. But it’s possible. Here is a story that shows you how.   This is a true story. […]

Breastfeeding And Introduction Of Solid Foods: Does One Size Fit All?

Medicine is all about statistics. There are no absolutes unless the statistics are absolute, which rarely, if ever, happens. Let’s look at two scenarios. Scenario #1: In Melbourne, Australia, the prevalence of severe food allergy in children is 10%. If both parents are allergic, there is an 80% chance that any child will develop some […]

Anaphylaxis Resources

This post has an Australian flavour, but hopefully there may be some useful tips for those living in other countries. Anaphylaxis is a dramatic rapidly-evolving allergic reaction. It can become incapacitating in seconds to minutes. Itch, rash, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, shortness or breath, vomiting and diarrhoea, and fainting or collapse are […]

The Last Week In Allergy And Asthma On Twitter : click on the links to see the full news item

“@AllergyNet: Canadian study: mod-severe asthma in kids-oral steroids within 75 min of triage in ED reduces admissions“ — Dr. Ellis (@DrAnneEllis) March 16, 2012 Different bacterial populations (microbiomes) in different lung conditions. Immunologically interesting — Dr John Weiner (@AllergyNet) March 16, 2012 Allergic to Brazil Nuts? Be Sure to Use a Condom. […]

“Auntie, I’ve taken my asthma puffer, but I still can’t breathe and I’m scared”

These are the words you don’t want to hear, but little Billy is gasping and you’ve got to do something. But what. First of all, if Billy is clearly is having extreme difficulty breathing, cannot speak more than a couple of words at a time, or his lips look blue, you have a life-threatening situation. […]

Allergy to Bee and Wasp stings

Bees and wasps cause painful stings because they inject venom using a small dart-like needle in their tails. The bee leaves its dart behind, stuck in your skin, and the bee subsequently dies. The wasp does not lose its dart, and does not die after the sting, and furthermore it can sting repeatedly. BEES AND […]