Real Time Twitter In Medicine: USA, Australia, UK

The immediacy and power of Twitter are amazing. Not just for revolutions, natural disasters, major crimes, assistance in need. Not just to help the little guy when he gets done by incompetent bureaucracy. But in medicine. At every level. Here I was this morning, eating breakfast near the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland, as […]

Medicine, Social Media and Clinical Excellence

The brouhaha about doctors and social media continues. Dr Dike Drummond writes on KevinMD that medical Social Media is a bubble economy with “no return on investment” and it’s just  “one more thing to burn you out”. Leave it alone, he says. Doctors with no interest in education outside their own patients, and whose only […]

How much of a social media profile can doctors have?

(This post is my rapid response published online by BMJ on 13 Feb 2012 in response to the  journal’s paper published 23 Jan 2012) How much of a social media profile can doctors have? The answer is – as much of a profile as they have in real life. There is no distinction between social […]

We Need Few Words To Express The Essential

Polonius would have been right at home on Twitter. “Brevity is the soul of wit” he  advises King Claudius and his Queen Gertrude, following up with “…I will be brief. Your noble son is mad” Whoa. Your noble son is mad. He only needs 21 characters and spits in Twitter’s eye because he has said […]

Being Social On Professional Media

  It seems 2011 is the year of “Beware The Physician On Social Media”. There’s a lot of stuff flying around. Doctor Tweeps have made degrading jokes about their patients and been outed. A comprehensive survey of Physicians on Twitter demonstrated that 3% of Tweets were unprofessional, either profane or identifying patients. Both Australian/New Zealand […]

The Manipulation Of Significant Symbols

It seemed at best an innocuous Tweet, at worst boring, directing the reader to an link called ‘Who Says What to Whom on Twitter’. The only reason I opened it was the sender, Dr Ves Dimov. Now Dr Dimov, who tweets as @Allergy and @DrVes, is an allergist, immunologist, internist and Assistant Professor at the […]