Consultations with Dr John Weiner during the COVID-19 pandemic – updated 09 OCT 2020

Please read this information sheet about appointments to see me. Firstly, the rooms will be closed from 09 Oct 2020 and will re-open on Monday 02 Nov 2020. All staff are taking some leave after a difficult 6 months. This is a tough time for everyone. Here is some updated information for attending our clinic […]

Tales Of A Medicine-Watcher: 4. What Person The Disease Has

Tales of a Medicine-Watcher are true stories from 50 years in medicine. Names and dates changed, staff names real (unless otherwise noted). The term Medicine-Watcher is used in The Youngest Science, the autobiography of Lewis Thomas, which I use with respect.  I didn’t know what to do, and stared at the phone. Freddie had seen […]

The Non-Digital Health Record

(2 minute read plus tips – another 2 minute read) Most people don’t know all their prescribed medication. Most people don’t know all their supplements. Most people believe that past medical problems are irrelevant. Most people can’t remember all their allergies. The digital health record as proposed in Australia is a serious mistake on security […]

Communion Hosts, Canon Law and Coeliac Disease: A Solution

I’m Catholic, I’m an immunologist, and I have coeliac disease. So I’m giving this a crack. This post has some religion [here defined as a concept or belief that cannot be disproved] and some science. For a rational debate to occur, we must accept the co-existence of those two concepts. Is coeliac disease an allergy? […]

G’Day, I’m John

I’ve noticed subtle, and not-so-subtle, changes in 50 years of meeting patients. There are changes in culture, in social interactions, and in me. 1966. I’m 18 “G’Day. I’m John. I’m a medical student and I would like to examine your (here insert any body part)… “No problems, Doc” says Bill, “Go for it”. His son, […]

Intensive Care Is For The Birds

Preface: Written in 1972, as an intern, after a particularly difficult week in ICU. I was twenty-four years old, sitting in our tiny apartment, unable to talk to my wife. Background: This ICU was at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, run by the wonderful Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters instilled a discipline of personal care at […]

Recall Of Stallergenes Allergy Products In Australia

This post is further information for the 67 patients from my clinic who are affected by this recall. I notified you all just before Christmas. You will be asked by text or phone call on Monday 04 Jan 2016 to read this post. Those not affected by the recall can continue to use the product.   […]