Now You Tell Me What You Know

Sometimes you sit down and try to nut it out. Whether it’s your tax return, a foreign language, or a novel, it just doesn’t make sense on first reading. Or on the second or third… Perhaps you have a professional or business or social group in your life. It may require a ‘maintenance of standards’ […]

A Dormitory Without An Alarm Clock

His final message: “As to me, I leave tomorrow for an unknown destination”. Ambrose Bierce, author, Civil War Hero and journalist, then went to Mexico and disappeared. He was never seen again. It was 1913, and the sprightly 71-year-old chronic asthmatic with an acerbic tongue and pen vanished, as they say, into thin air. No […]

The Sun Rises In The Evening

It’s paradoxical but one of the main producers of gluten-free products is a country built on pasta. Yep, Italy produces a huge range of excellent gluten-free food; that is, except for the beer. Couldn’t drink it. So was I excited when O’Brien’s Brewery opened in 2007. They now supply Australia and the world with the […]

There Is No Limit To This Moment

I would like to thank Fritjof Capra. Like millions of others since 1975, I own a copy of The Tao Of Physics. I have the 1982 Flamingo paperback edition, pages dog-eared and yellowed, cluttered with scribbles and highlights, re-read often. The subtitle of this book summarizes its attractiveness: ‘An exploration of the parallels between modern […]

My Body Of A Sudden Blazed

In his Nobel Lecture delivered on December 15th, 1923, shortly after receiving the Prize for Literature, WB Yeats spoke at length about the Irish Dramatic Movement. The speech is a little like his poetry – brilliant, seductive and mellifluous, although the reader always feels that a PhD in History or Literature or Linguistics would be […]