Communion Hosts, Canon Law and Coeliac Disease: A Solution

I’m Catholic, I’m an immunologist, and I have coeliac disease. So I’m giving this a crack. This post has some religion [here defined as a concept or belief that cannot be disproved] and some science. For a rational debate to occur, we must accept the co-existence of those two concepts. Is coeliac disease an allergy? […]

A Guide To Trip-Hop Cuisine

If trip-hop is not one of your regular food adventures, you might give it a go. It’s a style of cooking that arose in the UK in the last decade of the 20th century. The most famous restaurants were around Bristol. But a warning. At it’s worst, trip-hop is electronic goulash laced with Valium. However, […]

I Said I Want A Second Opinion

Boy, are they ugly tomatoes. I was picking a few from our veggie patch last season, and with a name like Rouge de Marmande, you would expect them to look glorious. Aristocratic, even noble, perfectly formed, symmetrical, evenly coloured. But no, this variety of tomato is real ugly. They vary in shape from elliptical to drum-shaped […]

He may exist on nuts and berries, Or then again on missionaries

Max stared at the hole in the fence. He was a bit too fat to dive through, as most mildly spoilt Labradors are, but he knew as well as I did…Wombat! We live in south-eastern Australia, well south of Melbourne, just across Bass Strait from Tasmania. This is the best time of the year, cold, […]

Succotash,…Venison, Roast Duck, Roast Goose

The USA gets a bad rap in the rest of the world.  But I unashamedly love America. I lived there for two years with my wife and three young children. Although their politics and health care might be problematic, and their ultimate freedom can be described in a Clint Eastwood way as ‘The Good, The […]