The Night Of Time Far Surpasseth The Day

Sometimes, when you’ve got a few spare minutes, you want to relax. Do nothing. Daydream. Do stuff which will not enrich you or the earth, something meaningless, even useless. You do understand, don’t you? It happened to me recently. Constructively, I took my birthday 16/02 and changed it to letters with each number corresponding to […]

Now You Tell Me What You Know

Sometimes you sit down and try to nut it out. Whether it’s your tax return, a foreign language, or a novel, it just doesn’t make sense on first reading. Or on the second or third… Perhaps you have a professional or business or social group in your life. It may require a ‘maintenance of standards’ […]

It Doesn’t Get Any More Exciting Than That

I’m asking you. What is the most exciting thing you’ve done? Space Walk? Underwater rescue? Mt. Everest? I didn’t think so. Maybe you are a little like me. I can recall a long helicopter ride to visit oil rigs. A moderately dangerous high altitude drive. Er, there was a division 3 win in Tattslotto, about […]

Pain And Pleasure Do Not Enclose Him

Please do not read The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogel. You will never enjoy a movie again. Well, you’ll never enjoy one in the wide-eyed childlike enchantment way that even hardened movie-goers experience. Instead, you will spend the two hours checking each stage of The Story. You see, Vogel’s book, published in 1992, but preceded […]