Consultations with Dr John Weiner during the COVID-19 pandemic – updated MAY 27 2021

*Get vaccinated if and when you are eligible*

The following updated post includes information on:

No appointments for new referrals after June 2021 (my retirement going forward)

Triage of referrals

TeleHealth consultations

Face-to-face consultations

Mask wearing


Skin tests and Lung function tests (spirometry)

Address details

Please take the time to read it all (2 minute read)

Firstly, we will not take bookings for new patients after July 1 2021. At 73, I plan to fully retire by end of the year. I will continue to see review patients (those under active management by me) after July 1. This will enable me to advise on a plan of management, especially for those undergoing desensitising allergy treatment. I am fortunate to have lived and worked the last 50 years as a physician.

Lockdown #4 in Melbourne starts at midnight 27 May 2021

A facemask must be worn to enter our clinic, even if you have a medical exemption. If you won’t wear a mask in our clinic, for whatever reason, you cannot have a face-to-face consultation.

My staff and I have continued working throughout the pandemic. For a few, TeleHealth is appropriate. For most, face-to-face consultations are either necessary or preferable.

Before we make an appointment, please email a current referral to our clinic on allergynetaustralia(at)gmail(dot)com . Please provide a contact number. I will view and triage those  referrals. Nicole Klecina, my clinic manager, will then contact you and offer you either a TeleHealth consultation or a face-to-face consultation.

TeleHealth consultations are fully rebatable, and no out-of-pocket expenses are incurred.

A face-to-face consultation will incur non-rebatable costs as usual. Details of those costs can be obtained when you are contacted with an appointment time.

The following will incur a face-to-face consultation (not every time, and this list is not exhaustive):

  1. If requested by your referring doctor
  2. Initial dose of allergen immunotherapy treatment
  3. Most people with asthma
  4. Complex problems
  5. Most other conditions (possible exceptions below)

Those people who are especially vulnerable to coronavirus infection will have a TeleHealth consultation unless unavoidable. Those who live in a rural or semi-rural area will usually (not always) be offered a TeleHealth consultation. Most reviews (not all) can be done by TeleHealth.

If you have a medical exemption from wearing a mask, then you will be offered a TeleHealth consultation. Masks must be worn in our clinic.

We can arrange TeleHealth appointments using FaceTime. If you do not have access to FaceTime, perhaps you can arrange a friend or relative to help. It’s always better to see you as we speak, but the Australian Government has allowed telephone calls to qualify as TeleHealth if nothing else is available.

Our rooms are Suite 1, Level 4, 517 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. This building is on the corner of Commercial Rd. The corner is well-served by public transport (trams). Many people will Uber or taxi. A very small private parking area is available next to our building off Commercial Rd. This is often full. Otherwise surrounding streets have meter parking. Allow 15 mins to get a park.

Hand sanitiser is available outside the elevators. Only 2 people are allowed in the elevators at any time. We have large communal waiting rooms that service 8 suites per floor. Half of the chairs are taped off to ensure appropriate isolation.

On arrival, Nicole will ask you the usual questions about recent ill-health and recent contacts on arrival.  On entering my consolation room you will be seated at least 1.5 meters from me. I will also wear a mask  the whole time. If I examine you then I will usually wear a face-shield as well. It’s possible that my examination may require you to briefly lower your mask.

If lung tests are needed, I have a small breathing test machine (spirometer) that uses one-way disposable mouthpieces that trap germs. The spirometer is cleaned and undergoes UV sterilisation after every use.

Skin tests, if needed, will be performed by me.

You can arrive with a companion, but only you, the patient, will be allowed into my consulting room, unless assistance is needed. I no longer see children, as Melbourne is now serviced by many excellent paediatric allergists.

Thank you, and take care everyone.

John Weiner


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