My Antediluvian Baby, I Love You, Girl

It was a news item that only appealed to two groups of people. The prestigious journal Nature Geoscience reported on July 11 2011 that the sea floor in the North Atlantic seabed “temporarily” lifted above sea level 56 million years ago, before subsiding back into the ocean. Whose imagination was captured by this article? Geoscientists, naturally. And […]

I’ll Go Your Way Too

What is love? Millions of words written. But only two people in love really understand. The Romans got it pretty right. The bride whispered her love vow to the groom: ‘As you are Gaius, I am Gaia’. They were then as one. Fast forward about 2000 years. Leonard Cohen has often written about love, in […]

Sweet Practiser, Thy Physic I Will Try

subtitle   when ‘physician heal thyself’ doesn’t work So, this is the Emergency Department, and I’m the King of the Castle and you’re looming booming too close, what are you saying, OK I’ll stop now. Who is this girl, touches and whispers, and I’m awake. Sort of. You’re the dirty rascal but it’s looming touch, […]

A Friend Who Would Understand Me

Anton Chekhov was 38 years old when he wrote “A Case History”. He was already an experienced doctor and evocative writer, and some of his best short stories, including this one, effortlessly combined elements of both medicine and human nature. The dismal grey factory town in “A Case History”,  to which a doctor is summoned, […]

Wish You Were Here

How many times have you said it? Or written it down? Or, more likely, just thought it? It’s about people, places, the past, and you. You remember that time you went up to SinCity or Brissie with your mates, it might have been ’92, or ’82 or (gulp) some indeterminant time in the mid-sixties. You […]

Listen To My Heart Go Bumpity-Bump

Does the word Mona make your heart go all a-flutter? There are 36 entries for Mona in Wiki. Which ones will get your pulse racing. Could it be Cercopithecus mona, the African long-tailed monkey? Doesn’t do it for me – nor, I’m guessing, for you. Or MV Mona, a Swedish vessel in service 1957-63? Not […]