Retirement from Clinical Practice

I will retire on Oct 14 this year. After graduating in medicine at the age of 23, I find myself, 50 years later, still with an enormous love and desire to learn all things medical. I have always looked forward to every day in a long and varied career. But it’s time. We are no […]

Consultations with Dr John Weiner during the COVID-19 pandemic – updated MAY 27 2021

*Get vaccinated if and when you are eligible* The following updated post includes information on: No appointments for new referrals after June 2021 (my retirement going forward) Triage of referrals TeleHealth consultations Face-to-face consultations Mask wearing Fees Skin tests and Lung function tests (spirometry) Address details Please take the time to read it all (2 […]

EpiPen Recall Australia March 2017

We are advised by the distributor of EpiPen in Australia (Alphapharm) that the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) has initiated a recall of certain EpiPens. These are Batch numbers 5FA665, 5FA6651, 5FA6652 and 5FA6653 with expiry April 2017. All are 300mcg dose. Other batches of the 300mcg and all 150mcg doses are not currently affected by […]

Learning From 2016 And 2010: Risk And Resources For Thunderstorm Asthma In Melbourne

30 second read For a description of this syndrome and explanation of weather maps, see previous post. High risk: Mid-October to Mid-December, highest risk in November Spring hay fever Usually past or present asthma, or very slight chest symptoms in spring, often disregarded. Many have NO past history of asthma or chest symptoms Weather patterns […]

Can We Predict Thunderstorm Asthma In Melbourne?

  4 minute read What is thunderstorm asthma? Thunderstorm asthma is a rare dramatic onset of severe asthma in pollen allergic people during the pollen season. How long have we known about it? This syndrome is well-documented in the allergy literature, with original observations done 25 years ago. Thunderstorm asthma has occurred four times in […]