I’ll Go Your Way Too

What is love? Millions of words written. But only two people in love really understand. The Romans got it pretty right. The bride whispered her love vow to the groom: ‘As you are Gaius, I am Gaia’. They were then as one. Fast forward about 2000 years. Leonard Cohen has often written about love, in […]

Foods That Trigger Asthma

If you do surveys, somewhere up to 70% of people with asthma believe that some foods can trigger their asthma. But if you test BLINDFOLDED adults with disguised food, so that even the people running the test don’t know what’s in the food until the end of the test (so-called double-blind testing), then less than […]

The Night Of Time Far Surpasseth The Day

Sometimes, when you’ve got a few spare minutes, you want to relax. Do nothing. Daydream. Do stuff which will not enrich you or the earth, something meaningless, even useless. You do understand, don’t you? It happened to me recently. Constructively, I took my birthday 16/02 and changed it to letters with each number corresponding to […]

Controlling Your Asthma: Triggers, Preventer Puffers, and Action Plans

Why would you want to control your asthma? After all, two or three puffs of a reliever puffer (inhaler) (see below) a few times per day is easy, gives quick relief, and doesn’t take any commitment. BUT this means that your asthma is controlling you. If your asthma controls you, this is what happens: Your […]

Well Then, Give Me Your Pain

I’m not sure that anyone reads Lou Salome, or about Lou Salome, anymore. The peripatetic Russian psychoanalyst and feminist, born in 1861, was linked to famous men of her age, including Ree, Nietzsche, Wagner, Freud and Rilke, among others. In fact, there was a menage of sorts with the first two, the Poet and the […]

If It Were Not For Reality

When Gary Larson retired in 1995, the world became a poorer place. Everyone has their favourite cartoon. Mine is the look-alike Freudian psychiatrist carefully writing in his imposing notebook while a clearly disturbed patient on the couch talks and talks and talks. If you look carefully at the psychiatrist’s notebook, he has written “Just Plain […]

A Friend Who Would Understand Me

Anton Chekhov was 38 years old when he wrote “A Case History”. He was already an experienced doctor and evocative writer, and some of his best short stories, including this one, effortlessly combined elements of both medicine and human nature. The dismal grey factory town in “A Case History”,  to which a doctor is summoned, […]