G’Day, I’m John

I’ve noticed subtle, and not-so-subtle, changes in 50 years of meeting patients. There are changes in culture, in social interactions, and in me.

1966. I’m 18

“G’Day. I’m John. I’m a medical student and I would like to examine your (here insert any body part)… “No problems, Doc” says Bill, “Go for it”. His son, Michael, leaves the ward, clutching his newspaper.

1976. I’m 28

“Hello, I’m Dr Weiner”. “Hello Doctor”, says Mrs Smith. Her daughter Susan follows, clutching her book, and raises her eyes, briefly.

1986. I’m 38

“Hello, I’m Dr John Weiner”. “Hello Dr Weiner”, says Mrs Roussos. Her son Andrew follows, clutching his Walkman, and says “Hello”.

1996. I’m 48

“Hello, I’m John Weiner”. “Hello Dr Weiner”, says Lauren, clutching her Discman. Her mother, Mrs Nguyen, follows, and says “Hello Dr Weiner”.

2006. I’m 58

“Hello, I’m John”. “Hello John”, says Daniel, clutching his Nokia. His mother, Mrs Kapoor, follows, and says “Hello John”

2016. I’m 68

“G’Day, I’m John”. “Hi John”, smiles Georgia, clutching her iPhone. Her mother, Mrs Wang, follows, and says “Hello Dr Weiner”.


(All names [except mine] fictitious)

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