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Recall Of Stallergenes Allergy Products In Australia

This post is further information for the 67 patients from my clinic who are affected by this recall. I notified you all just before Christmas. You will be asked by text or phone call on Monday 04 Jan 2016 to read this post. Those not affected by the recall can continue to use the product.   […]

FOAMed : Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look – what’s going down

In early 2014 Prof Margaret S. Chisolm, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences at Johns Hopkins, was appointed guest editor of a special edition of the International Review of Psychiatry. Her mission was to put together a special edition of the Journal devoted to Social Media. This edition was published recently. Meg Chisolm is a […]

A personal reflection on social media in medicine: I stand, no wiser than before

If you would like a PDF copy, as published, for your personal academic use, please request a copy from me privately on johndotweineratmedotcom or by DM via Twitter This is an Author’s Accepted Manuscript of an article published in International Review of Psychiatry posted online on 7 Apr 2015 [copyright Taylor & Francis] available online at: […]

The First Steps In Using Twitter For Health, Education And Research

  Long read – 15min Twitter is an ideal platform for health, education and research. But it’s clear that Twitter is under-utilised for these purposes. Why? Well, there are many perceived barriers to the effective use of Twitter. These include: concerns about professional behaviour on social media in general lack of training and low confidence […]

There Is No Difference Between The Johnnies And The Mehmets

Historians can parse wars and write papers, but it’s the poetry and prose of the time that captures the emotions. And the humanism. And the tears. That is why there will never be ‘compassion fatigue’ about Anzac Day. I bring three beautiful human moments to your attention. Mustafa Kemal, later known as Ataturk, was commander […]

Ageing, Ageism, And Being Comfortable In Your Own Old Skin

The physical, psychological and social changes over time are the properties of ageing. It’s inevitable, and both young and old need to deal with it. So far, we are unable to prevent it. Even if you follow Woody Allen’s advice that ” you can live to be a hundred if you give up all things […]

The National Library of Australia Selects AllergyNet Australia for Archival Storage

I am delighted and proud that the National Library of Australia has selected AllergyNet Australia for archival storage and retrieval. This means that the library will retain the website in the Archive and will provide public access to it in perpetuity. The Library will catalogue the website and add the records to the National Bibliographic […]